Calls to cancel Eid Al Adha trend in Tunisia

Published February 11th, 2023 - 07:15 GMT

ALBAWABA - The cancellation of the Muslim Eid Al Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) appears to be trending in Tunisia. This is at least how netizens are seeing the issue.

But Butchers' Chamber head Ahmad Al-Amiri is not really calling for the cancellation of the festival for that would be unIslamic. He merely wrote to the Mufti of the country to ask for the cancellation of the rituals of the Muslim festival that primarily includes the slaughter of sheep. 

His reasons for doing that is several and include the shortage of livestock in the country. The problem of the matter is this is a doctrinal and theological issue in Islam and its not that simple to say this ritual can be cancelled.  

Al Amiri has pointed out Tunisia is already suffering because of shortage in its livestock that is sending prices of meat rocketing sky-high and that would mean an additional stagnation on a depressed sector where a kilo of meat stands at 40 Tunisian dinars. This is way above the standard of living of many people in the country. 

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