Meta fires dozens in final round of layoffs

Published May 25th, 2023 - 11:37 GMT
Meta fires dozens in final round of layoffs
Meta owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp - Source: Shutterstock

ALBAWABA – Meta Platforms Inc., owners of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, reportedly fired an undisclosed number of employees across various teams and departments on Wednesday.

According to Reuters, on Thursday, this is the latest of a three-round batch of layoffs announced in March by Meta, to eliminate 10,000 roles.

These layoffs included employees in marketing, site security, enterprise engineering, program management, content strategy and corporate communications, and other departments.

Dozens of them took to LinkedIn to announce that they were laid off, Reuters reported.

Meta earlier this year became the first Big Tech company to announce a second round of mass layoffs, after firing more than 11,000 employees last fall. 

They have more than doubled in value this year and are among the top performers in the S&P 500 index, Reuters highlighted.

The news agency explained that Meta’s results came from the cost-cutting drive and Meta's focus on artificial intelligence.

Meta Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg, in March, said that most of the layoffs in the company’s second round of terminations will in three stages over several months.

Meta fires dozens in final round of layoffs
Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Meta Platforms - Source: Shutterstock

The bulk of the layoffs, he said, will be done by end of May.

Overall the cuts have hit non-engineering roles most heavily, Reuters underlined.

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