Lebanese authorities release activist “Mocha”

Published May 25th, 2023 - 06:24 GMT
Abdulrahman Tarek
Source: Social media/Twitter, Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms

ALBAWABA - After hours of his detention, Lebanese authorities release Egyptian dissident and activist Abdulrahman Tarek, known as "Mocha". The reason for his detention remains unknown, according to Tarek's lawyer. 

Tarek's arrest was announced on his sister's Facebook page, Sarah Tarek, after plainclothes officers detained her brother later that day. She demanded her brother's release, claiming that he had previously spent seven years in Egyptian prisons before being released in 2022.

In her Facebook post, Tarek's sister said that his whereabouts are unknown and that the family demands his immediate release. 

Mary Lawlor, UN's Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders, took it to Twitter to express her concern regarding Tarek's detention.

"I hear extremely disturbing news that Egyptian HRD in exile in Lebanon, AbdelRahman Tarek (Moka), was arrested today with no warrant by 3 men in plainclothes who broke into his house & took him by private car to the intelligence branch of internal security in Beirut." Lawlor tweeted.

Abdulrahman Tarek, aka "Mocha," is a human rights defender who works with the Arab Foundation for Civil and Political Rights (Nedal). His work focuses on defending freedom of expression and the rights of Egyptian prisoners, notably in cases of enforced disappearance. Mocha is also well-known for his opposition to Egypt's regime.

He was first arrested in 2013 with a number of other activists in what is known in Egypt as "Shura Council case". 

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